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Ardoise Jass

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Ardoise Jass

Services and philosophy

Kynaps is a company based in Switzerland that provides services in different areas such as software engineering, mobile application development and advanced analytics. It also holds its own projects such as Ardoise Jass available on the App Store.

Our philosophy: find the best innovative and optimized solutions for all our projects.

Raffaele Lauro and Yannick Klopfenstein

Kynaps - Synapse
Little minds stay alone, big minds meet together.


With the help of its neurons, Kynaps has already completed several projects in various fields.

Apps development:


Raffaele Lauro Raffaele Lauro, Co-founder
Field of study: Computer science at EPF Lausanne
Languages: French, Italian, German and English
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Yannick Klopfenstein Yannick Klopfenstein, Co-founder
Field of study: Physics at ETH Zurich
Languages: French, German and English
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